Made in Europe
MAde in Europe

For HAIX this is not just lip service but lived practice. It is not only a promise of quality. For us, “Made in Europe” is a commitment to Europe as a production location, to European values and to our Bavarian homeland.

HAIX is 100% Made in Europe

European regulations are sometimes very lax. The individual parts of a shoe can be produced anywhere in the world. As long as they are put together in the European Union, the final product may bear the label “Made in Europe”.

Not with HAIX! If a HAIX shoe says “Made in Europe”, we guarantee that it was produced 100% in Europe. We have invested a lot in this: At our headquarters in Bavaria and our second production site in Croatia, one of the most modern shoe factories worldwide, as well as our large logistics centre in Mainburg.

“Made in Europe” stands for much more

At HAIX, “Made in Europe” does not only stand for high quality footwear, which is manufactured 100% in Europe. The high standards also apply to our employees, who benefit from our strong commitment to Europe.

“Made in Europe” stands for equal opportunities, training and appreciation, as well as for sustainability and corporate responsibility.

Location of HAIX sites
Quality at HAIX
Quality above the norm

HAIX only uses high-quality materials like finest bull’s leather
to produce its shoes

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Innovation with added value

Smart experts create new innovations for more safety and comfort – for a product that gives true added value to the wearer.

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Innovation at HAIX
Hightech production at HAIX
Haix is hightech

Modern machines, a unique sole production
and numerous innovations – this is how HAIX shoes are made.

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Focus on employees

From craftsman’s workshop to global player –
1,700 employees equip heroes with high-quality shoes.

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HAIX employees
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