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Proven cooperation with our partners

Wind and weather defy with GORE materials

Waterproofing and breathability

Thanks to its long-term collaboration with the GORE corporation HAIX produces functional footwear offering optimal performance in terms of climate comfort and protective functions. Nearly all our shoes incorporate a highly wear-resistant GORE membrane, which keeps feet dry and comfortable at the same time as providing protection against the ingress of everyday chemicals.

With a water vapour resistance of Ret<8 m2Pa/W as per ISO 11092 the GORE-TEX Extended Comfort shoe lining provides one of the highest levels of breathabilityaround. On top of this, the materials used to make the footwear boast a breathability value which is six times higher than required by the standard.

terracare – leather produced in an environmentally optimal process

terracare – leather produced in an environmentally optimal process

HAIX has a strict policy of not using leather manufactured in unacceptable production conditions, which uses child labour or contains toxic residues. The Heinen leather factory has been producing upper leather for footwear at its site in Wegberg in the German Rhineland since 1891. The fully integrated leather production process starts from raw German bull hide and ends up with the finished upper leather. Heinen has been actively engaged in environmental protection for decades. Under terracare the CO2 impact of the leather produced per item and per square metre is logged. And so this is how terracare enables consumers to make a conscious choice in favour of leather produced in an environmentally optimal process.

A tannery needs five inputs to make leather: rawhide, water, additives, energy and labour and each one of these needs to be used responsibly and with care. With its terracare label the Heinen leather factory is a trailblazer showing that it is possible to fulfil high social standards at the same time as producing an environmentally friendly and technically advanced product.


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The HAIX philosophy with a “Natural Footprint”

The HAIX philosophy with a “Natural Footprint”

The Croatian leather manufacturer, Viviani has been supplying HAIX since 2006. The family business has made a 100% commitment to the HAIX quality philosophy. It applies stringent environmental, sustainability and social standards throughout the production process – starting from the raw materials and ending up with the finished leather.

Viviani is a Croatian family business. The firm has been tanning leather since 1932. High environmental standards play an important role within the production process. The hides exclusively come from Croatian “Simmental” cattle. This is an ancient breed that traces back its lineage to domestic cattle from the Bernese Highlands in the Swiss canton of Bern, which are famous for their large build and piebald appearance. Viviani specialises in top-quality, water-repellent, hydrophobic leather and has been ISO-certified by TÜV Nord certificate und HACCP under ENISO9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004.