sustainability is a team effort

The earth provides us with a lot of raw materials. However, these are not available in infinite quantities. It is therefore important to use our natural resources as sustainably, considerately, and sparingly as possible. Sustainability is a fundamental part of our “Made in Europe” promise and is firmly anchored in our corporate mission statement: our sustainable actions follow a long-term strategy that conserves resources and minimizes our ecological footprint. HAIX has already achieved a great deal in this regard – also with the help of committed partners.

Durable products save resources

Our high-quality shoes are very durable and accompany their wearers for many years through thick and thin – and through some extreme situations. That’s not only great new for our customers, who don’t have to buy new shoes as often. It’s also good for the environment since long-lived products save valuable raw materials. And should a HAIX shoe ever break, we offer a repair service that puts damaged footwear back into shape – thus saving even more resources. Because a HAIX shoe is not a disposable product.

The use of renewable energies also contributes to the conservation of resources. That is why HAIX operates three photovoltaic systems, uses heat recovery units, and recycles wastewater to further minimize its ecological footprint. Since HAIX produces exclusively in Europe and sources more than 90 percent of its materials from Europe, delivery routes are short, which reduces pollutant emissions in logistics.

However, sustainability is not an individual achievement, but requires a strong team. This includes not only our employees, who, for example, initiate sustainable projects in the HAIX Footprint team. Suppliers and business partners also contribute to our resource-saving production. HAIX works exclusively with certified suppliers – as is the case with the important raw material leather.

High quality leather for high quality shoes

The leather used to make HAIX shoes comes from a transparent supply chain and is a by-product of the meat industry so that the cattle are utilized holistically. When selecting its leather suppliers, HAIX pays attention to the sustainable use of chemicals, compliance with the highest standards, and products that come exclusively from certified butcheries in Europe.

The Heinen leather factory, which has been supplying HAIX with high-quality leathers for years, has been producing shoe uppers in the Rhineland since 1891 and has been practicing active environmental protection for decades. With the terracare label, the leather factory sets an example that it is possible to manufacture an environmentally friendly and technically sophisticated product with high social standards. This leather is then stamped at HAIX in such a way that as little waste as possible is produced. Leather scraps are reused and further processed, for example, into leather fiber fabrics or belts – in the spirit of acting in a resource-saving manner.

Made in Europe