Working with leather at HAIX
Quality above the norm

Quality describes “the goodness of all properties of an object”. All individual parts together thus form a great whole. If one of these parts does not correspond to the standard or is of inferior quality, it affects the final product. If, for example, the leather used in a shoe is of low quality, the shoe may tear or have leaks.

Only if a shoe is of the highest quality, it can fulfil its tasks and provide safety and comfort in extreme conditions. That is why HAIX trusts in high-grade materials for its shoes “Made in Europe”, which are subjected to strict quality control.

HAIX leather boot

Robust bull leather for robust shoes

The leather used for HAIX shoes is European bull skin, which comes from certified suppliers – 100% Made in Europe.

But why bull leather? It has a different structure than conventional cowhide, which is used by most shoe manufacturers. This is because female cattle become pregnant, which causes the leather to stretch and contract time and again. When processed into shoes, cowhide has the disadvantage that the shoes may fit well when you buy them. But after intensive use, the leather can stretch – unimaginable with firefighter boots that are often worn for well over ten years and are always supposed to offer maximum protection.

The quality of the leather is strictly controlled by HAIX. Constant quality assurance controls ensure a consistently high level of quality in production. After all, the high-quality bull leather that HAIX uses must meet highest standards. Not only its look must be stunning, but also its “inner values” are important. That is why the leather is subjected to scrutiny in HAIX’s high-tech test laboratory.

Rigorous testing and high-tech processes

HAIX has one of the most modern shoe test and inspection laboratories in the world. Because minimum standards do not meet the high-tech manufacturer’s requirements. Every HAIX shoe model should exceed the standards as far as possible – for even more safety, more comfort and higher quality. Under the strict eyes of the test engineers, the leather is therefore pulled and tugged, flamed and exposed to moisture for hours on end. The tests include tear resistance, breathability, bending behaviour, fire resistance and waterproofing.

Not only the test procedures but also the leather itself is high-tech. The bull’s leather used for HAIX shoes is refined using state-of-the-art processes. To make it water-repellent, the leather is hydrophobized. In addition, special colour pigments are worked directly into the leather, which ensure that the shoes absorb up to 40 percent less sunlight than conventional boots and therefore heat up less.

Made in Europe