Innovation at HAIX
Innovation with added-value

Literally, innovation means “novelty” or “change”. But producing a shoe in a new colour is not yet innovation. Rather, innovation is about enhancing a product to offers its user real added value. With innovative functions, HAIX ensures that shoes are not only safe but also comfortable.

HAIX places highest demands on function, safety and comfort. Above all else, a good safety shoe should protect the wearer– after all, it’s called a safety shoe. Protective toe cap, penetration protection and anti-slip sole protect against numerous dangers such as nails on the floor, falling objects or slippery floors. HAIX has perfected many of these protective functions: Metal-free anti-penetration protection, anatomical toe cap made of nano-carbon, non-slip sole made of special rubber – the list goes on and on.

Connexis Safety

What is a good safety shoe?

But even the safest shoe does not protect if it is not worn. This is why safety must always be combined with comfort. Because it will only be worn if it is comfortable. Only then can the wearer feel safe and focus on his work. That is why the HAIX Arch Support System supports the midfoot, a step cushioning system cushions every step and the HAIX Climate System ensures perfect foot climate. And these are just a few of the many HAIX innovations.

HAIX is high-tech. HAIX shoes are produced in ultra-modern production facilities 100% in Europe. But high-tech alone does not make a true innovation. The creativity and expertise of numerous shoe developers, who spend months tinkering with new models, is the basis for every HAIX innovation. A new shoe goes through many stages from the initial idea to the finished model. Prototypes are built, checked in our own laboratory and tested in wearing tests.

Only when everything really fits, the shoe goes into serial production. This was also the case with CONNEXIS Safety.

From idea to innovation – CONNEXIS Safety

CONNEXIS Safety is a real innovation – the world’s first safety shoe with active fascial stimulation. It all started with a question: How can a shoe protect the foot and at the same respect its natural function? Conventional safety shoes often force the foot into an unnatural position, which can damage it in the long term.

“We intensively studied the anatomy of the foot. We analysed malpositions and researched their causes”, reports Andreas Himmelreich, head of shoe development at HAIX.

Experts from research and practice

Based on these findings and the valuable input of experts, HAIX has developed CONNEXIS Safety. The safety shoe is manufactured on a novel orthopaedic last that supports the feet’s natural function. By pulling on a special tape that runs through the shoe, the fasciae in the foot are permanently slightly stimulated. The aim is to reduce negative effects on the musculoskeletal system and maintain the wearer’s performance.

CONNEXIS Safety is full of innovations that offer the wearer real added value: “CONNEXIS Safety is an investment in your health because it is comfortable to wear and trains the fascia and thus the foot”, explains Andreas Himmelreich.

Made in Europe