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We have the most up-to-date test laboratories in the world. We have never contented ourselves with meeting the minimum standards and the aim is for each HAIX shoe to outperform them to the greatest possible extent. This translates into increased safety, a greater degree of comfort and higher quality.

Systematic quality assurance inspections ensure a consistently high level of quality is maintained in our production processes. We are able to fulfil this ambitious aspiration thanks to a myriad of test procedures.

Standards define the minimum requirement…


  • In the centrifuge (250 rpm)
  • In the bath (8 hours, static test)
  • In the walking simulator, dynamic test in water

Abrasion test (Martindale):
For various surface materials, linings, insoles (wet and dry)

Tensile test:

  • Tear force
  • Tear propagation force
  • Separating forces of various materials
  • Material connections

Impact test (drop test):
For protective toe caps

Flame exposure:
All materials

… we want more!


Leak tightness analysis of lined shafts (booties)

Antistatic properties:
Electrical contract resistance

Vapour permeability:
Vapour permeability of materials

Long-term flexural behaviour:
For soles, joints, insoles

Pressure test:
For protective toe caps


  • Determination of all slip resistance coefficients
  • Of shoes with outsoles

Light reflection of upper leather using a spectrometer