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Classification of shoes for fire brigades in compliance with DIN EN 15090

Code I: Shoes made of leather or other materials, not including full rubber or full polymer shoes

Code II: Shoes made of full rubber or full polymer Types of fire fighter shoes acc. to DIN EN 15090

Type 1: Outdoor interventions, fire and wildland firefighting; no protection against penetration, no toe protection, no protection against chemical hazards;

Type 2: All fire suppression and rescue interventions where protection against penetration, and toe protection are needed, no protection against chemical hazards;

The type and protective function of fire fighting shoes is indicated in the bottom right-hand corner of the pictogram (fireman)

F1PA: All normative basic requirements and the requirements
for penetration resistance and for antistatic

F2A: All normative basic requirements and the requirements for antistatic properties

Meaning of the marking symbols

HI1: Level of heat insulation of the sole complex at 150° C / 30 min.

HI3: Level of heat insulation of the sole complex at 250° C / 40 min.

Designation of safety shoe categories DIN EN ISO 20345

SB: Basic requirements as per standard (inc. toe cap)

S1: As „SB“, plus closed heel area, antistatic, energy absorbtion capacity in heel area

S2: As S1, additional requirements in terms of water penetration and water absorption

S3: As S2, additional penetration protection, profile sole

Designation of professional shoe categories DIN EN ISO 20347

O2: Closed heel area, antistatic, energy absorbtion capacity in heel area, additional requirements in terms of water penetration and water absorption

O3: As O2, additional penetration protection, profile sole

Meanings of additional requirements (Extract from EN ISO 20345 / 20347)

E: Energy absorbtion of seat region
HI: Heat insulation of sole complex
CI: Cold insulation of sole complex
WR: Water resistance of shoes
WRU: Water penetration and water absorption
HRO: Behaviour of sole with regards to contact heat
M: Metarsal protection
AN: Ankle protection
FO: Fuel resistance of sole