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Our production sites, our materials and our processes are covered by our commitment to sustainability. We don’t call ourselves “green”, but we do work as sustainably as we can.

We focus our attention on worthwhile initiatives with verifiable outcomes. Our own production sites have been awarded the ISO 14001 environmental management certificate.

  • The optimal use of materials and energy is ensured by: a solar plant in Mainburg, heat recovery by ground water pumps, process water being heated up by waste heat from compressors in Croatia
  • The cutting-edge production sites in Mainburg and Croatia go above and beyond fulfilling the statutory requirements (e.g. our finishing divisions in Mainburg und Croatia work on a 99% solvent-free basis)
  • We work with selected suppliers that apply the toughest production standards within their businesses, such as Josef Heinen GmbH & Co. KG (“terracare”) and Viviani (“Natural Footprint”)

We prioritise high quality when it comes to the materials we use and how we process and handle the products, which means that we are able to offer products with an extended service life Resources are deployed more efficiently and so we can make a greater contribution to protecting the environment (e.g. by using cutting-edge machinery, efficient transport routes, continuous process optimisation)

We take a realistic approach to pursuing our policy of demonstrating proactivity and personal responsibility over and above what is required by legislation – from a social, environmental and economic perspective.