HAIX service boot repair
repairing instead of throwing away

A sole worn right through. A shoe with a rip in the bend. Brittle and cracked leather everywhere. Sometimes, there are situations in which even Conny Wagner can do very little. Conny heads up the Service Department at HAIX, and she can look back on many years of experience. Luckily, total losses like the above are an exception. “If there are shoes sent to us, mostly only small things are wrong with them, like a worn tread. All stuff which can be repaired.”

“Repairing instead of throwing away” is the motto of the HAIX Service Department and its repair shop. This sort of service cannot be taken for granted by any means. There is virtually no other shoe manufacturer which offers a similar technical maintenance facility for shoes and boots like HAIX.

haix service boot repair

Not a disposable product

The HAIX repair service ensures a longer life cycle of HAIX products. “We see it as being like the repair service offered to car owners,” says Conny. Of course, shoes do not need regular maintenance like cars – the visit to the workshop is rather an exception. But if something goes wrong, it is good to know who to turn to. And any damage should definitely be remedied by an expert.

The Service Department occupies an important position in the corporate philosophy of HAIX and its quality promise of production 100% Made in Europe. Because HAIX shoes are not disposable products.

Everything which can feasibly be fixed is professionally repaired by the HAIX service department. A broken eyelet, an abraded toe cap, a defective zip. The whole of the sole may need to be replaced if the tread is worn out. “You don’t buy a new car straightaway if your tires are bald. Not if the rest of the car is in good condition,” states Conny Wagner.

Some shoes you can’t just part with

That being said, however, not everything is capable of repair. If a shoe has been in daily use for two years, was mistreated with harsh cleaning agents, and if the leather has not received any kind of care, no service department can offer any further assistance. “Just like the car again”, says Conny. “If the underbody is rusted through and the whole of the coachwork is full of dents, then you need to ask yourself whether a repair is worthwhile.”

Otherwise, the comparison she makes is with other things in life which people are simply fond of. Things we would not wish to part with. Our favorite pair of jeans or T-shirt would be cases in point. But such feelings also apply to certain footwear items. Especially if these articles are work shoes or boots in which we feel comfortable and secure and which have accompanied us through good times and bad.

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