HAIX is high-tech
HAIX is high-tech

AGO stands for “Another Great Opportunity”. This was probably his first thought when the Italian Francesco Rampichini discovered a new adhesive in 1911. With the AGO adhesive, it was possible for the first time to bond leather to leather, which revolutionized shoe manufacturing. Of course, Rampichini’s adhesive has been further developed over the decades. Today, it is a high-tech product that is also used at the HAIX headquarters in Lower Bavaria.

The history of Rampichini’s glue represents a philosophy of HAIX: tradition and high-tech are not mutually exclusive. Although the AGO manufacturing method has been cultivated in the shoemaking trade for over a hundred years, HAIX combines it with the most modern machines and materials to produce innovative shoes.

With AGO, it works like this: First, the upper and lining are pulled over a last and pinched to the insole. This upper is then glued to the shoe sole. The result is a light, stable and robust shoe.

The most modern shoe production in Europe

At the second HAIX production site in Croatia, where about 1,300 employees work in one of the most modern shoe production facilities in the world, production is carried out with a different method:

Large, ultra-modern DESMA machines sole the shoe directly. In this process, the still flexible sole is applied to the shoe upper and then converted into a firmer yet elastic shape by vulcanization at high pressure and heat. It is then bonded to the upper to form the shoe.

HAIX shoes are exposed to extreme situations every day. To ensure they can always meet the highest demands, HAIX not only uses state-of-the-art machines and has built up a production facility that is unique in Europe. The company also continually develops numerous innovations – because our shoes are full of high-tech.

Innovation for high-tech shoes

The HAIX Micro-Soft-Light System provides damping and excellent performance values. This shock-absorbing foam, which is injected into the area between shoe and sole, has a double effect. On the one hand it guarantees optimal cushioning, on the other hand it makes the sole heat resistant. Cool feet are also ensured by another innovation – the HAIX Sun-Reflect System. By directly incorporating special colour pigments into the leather, sunlight is reflected. As a result, the shoes absorb up to 40 % less sunlight than conventional boots – the shoe heats up less.

CONNEXIS Safety is also a real innovation. It is the first safety shoe that stimulates the fascia in the foot to maintain the wearer’s performance. The shoe was developed in cooperation with experts from research and practice and is produced with modern DESMA machines. The example of CONNEXIS clearly shows what HAIX understands by innovation and high-tech: development by experts, unique functions that combine safety and comfort, as well as high-tech production with modern machines and skilled workers in the most modern shoe production facilities in Europe – 100 % Made in Europe.

Made in Europe