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1 Introduction

HAIX group is a coalition of companies related to one another in a holding structure, which together conduct their world-wide commercial activities in the functional footwear category. We work together to create a company platform for development, production, marketing, sales, processing, support, and delivery in the functional footwear sector.
The goal of our work is the mutual, comprehensive support of customers, the continuous building and expansion of our customer relationships, mutual marketing and provision of our premium manufacturing services, and the strengthening of our brand identity and resulting corporate identity.

The Basic Principles of our Collaboration
The “Code of Conduct” is the basic document which bindingly establishes the core values and standards of our mutual activities.
As a collective, we expect from one another that all members of the HAIX group will identify with the core values and standards, and actively live out or fulfil them.
It is only when we collectively adhere to the basic principles of our brand and service promises that we can reach our common goals: To be perceived as a competent, capable, fair and reliable business partner and to create a proven, sustainably effective benefit.

Adhering to the “Code of Conduct”
For all participants, adhering to the “Code of Conduct” means repeatedly asking ourselves the following questions, and adjusting our own behaviour or that of the collective as necessary:

  • Am I / are we doing the right thing?
  • Is my / our behaviour reasonable, in harmony with our core values and standards?
  • Can I / we stand behind our decisions and their consequences?
  • Have I / we reasonably included all persons affected in the decision-making process?
  • Is my / our decision in the long-term interests of our business goals?


2 Our Core Values

We show our counterparts a respectful attitude at all times. We acknowledge, respect and value them. Mutual respect is the foundation of a sustainably constructive, honest, tolerant and courteous collaboration for the benefit of all participants.

Honesty in word and deed is the basis of our culture of trust, in which we work together. We take a holistic view of honesty; our understanding of it includes sincerity, openness, straightforwardness and fairness.

We act in a consistent manner and are firm in our behaviour, not letting ourselves be led into acting against our own convictions.

Courtesy – an in particular, reliability – toward all participants is a further requirement for a functioning culture of trust Agreed-upon actions reliably follow our words.

Information is the raw material of our collaboration. We need it to be able to develop solutions and provide services. In our external relations, we maintain maximum discretion and only share information worthy of protection with third parties if each source of that information has given their express permission to do so.


3 Our Standards

Excellent Service
We give all customers & partners excellent service. We combine competence with dedication, the pursuit of sustainable, economical and effective solutions and services. We offer our services at a solid price-to-performance ratio.

Goal and Risk Orientation
Our actions are based on the principle of first doing that which is required to reach the agreed goals, or that which clearly reduces the risk of not reaching a goal. Therefore, we always strive for an optimal balance between short-term tactical goals and long-term strategic goals.

We make all applied knowledge, underlying principles, concepts and plans transparent for the benefit of all parties involved. We avoid the use of intellectual property and make it possible for our customers and partners to actively contribute to the design and implementation of our services.

Adherence to Laws and Regulations
We commit ourselves to obey applicable laws and regulations at all times. We exclusively pursue solutions which give respect and appropriate consideration to legitimate claims. We do not tolerate any form of discrimination based on gender, age, religion, descent, caste, social origin, disability, ethnic and national origin, nationality, sexual orientation or other personal characteristics. Exploitation of minors in any form is strictly forbidden in the group of companies as a whole, as well as by our suppliers.

Our solutions and services are required to be sustainable. Wherever possible, we avoid solutions which push challenges off into the future or onto another part of the Organisation. The conceptualisation of our services must, wherever possible, prevent the creation of increased costs or new challenges in the future.


4 Adherence to the “Code of Conduct”

Partners, employees and related companies shall commit themselves in their contracts to maintaining the foregoing “Code of Conduct.” Questions about the interpretation of individual provisions or the implementation in everyday business activities may be directed to the leadership of “Human Resources” or “Management” at any time. We encourage all participants to urge one another to adhere to these shared values and standards, and to commit themselves to their active implementation.


Declaration on responsible corporate governance