HAIX employees
Focus on employees

The HAIX team has grown more than ever before. Today, a total of 1,700 employees ensure that heroes all over the world are equipped with high-quality shoes “Made in Europe” every day.

Tradition and high-tech – does that go together? Fits like a glove! Or like HAIX shoes on the feet of heroes. Hard to imagine that everything started out very small. More than 70 years ago, company founder Xaver Haimerl added the X of his first name to the first three letters of his surname and began manufacturing hiking and working boots in Mainburg, Bavaria. In 1992, his son Ewald Haimerl developed the first leather firefighting boots. The rest is history…

HAIX has developed from a local shoemaker into a global player. Today, the company is one of the most innovative and successful high-tech shoe manufacturers in the world. The basis for this success is our employees! A handful have now grown to 1,700. They work for HAIX worldwide, most of them in our high-tech production site in Mala Subotica, Croatia. There, as well as at the company headquarter in Mainburg, Germany, qualified specialists produce high-quality shoes “Made in Europe”. Furthermore, there is our North American sales office in Lexington, Kentucky.

HAIX trainees

31 new apprentices – A new record!

HAIX invests in the future. Every year about 50 young people are trained at the locations in Mainburg and Croatia to become industrial and retail clerks, shoe manufacturers and salesmen.

And because the world is changing – keyword “digitalisation” – HAIX also offers training in digital professions in the fields of information technology and e-commerce. Thus, the company sets the course for the future.

This pays off: In 2019, 31 new trainees have started their professional life at HAIX – more than ever before! The growth in Croatia is also record-breaking: last year, the team there grew by 230 new employees in the expanded production plant. Things are going uphill steeply.

For comparison: in 2017, HAIX had about 1,400 employees – today it is 1,700.

Strong commitment to Europe

At HAIX, “Made in Europe” does not only stand for high quality footwear, which is manufactured 100% in Europe. The high standards also apply to our employees, who benefit from our strong commitment to Europe. A code of conduct for all stakeholders, which has been exemplified and set down in writing, ensures successful cooperation based on partnership.

“Made in Europe” stands for equal opportunities, education and appreciation.

But if you ask the employees what they appreciate most about HAIX, the familiar working atmosphere almost always comes up. And this is where the circle closes. At the family company HAIX, tradition and regionality are combined with high-tech and the wide world – for three generations now. Perhaps this is the secret recipe that attracts more and more employees to HAIX.

Made in Europe