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Our feet deliver a truly remarkable performance on an everyday basis, and HAIX helps them to achieve it!

Feet are the foundation of our body. The muscle chains that hold our body upright and permit us to run, stand, play sport, carry weights and do much more besides all have their origins in the feet.

The foot contains 26 different bones. The shape of these and the ligaments and muscles to which they are attached are precisely aligned so as to be able to withstand the considerable stresses and strains of life without complaint. But this is not all. During the course of our lifetime, our feet will transport us a distance that is the equivalent of going around the world up to four times. Such efficiency deserves a reward.

Choosing the right footwear makes a major contribution towards ensuring that capability and movement are secured for the long term. The foot and shoe form a functional unit. The main task of the latter is to provide protection and any support that may be necessary in order to meet specific demands without affecting the foot’s bio-mechanical properties. Examples of such support include the following.

  • Pressure relief and adequate shock absorption
  • Prevention of malpositions
  • Optimum foot guidance and muscle balance

HAIX focuses on functionality, on fit and, of course, on foot safety. The objective is to achieve the best possible synergy between the upper, the sole, support systems and the materials used.

Our craftsmanship is based on a tradition that stretches back for many years. All our lasts have been developed in conjunction with customers and research institutes and in accordance with anatomical and orthopaedic parameters. Lasts play a crucial part in determining the later fit of the finished shoe or boot and differ from manufacturer to manufacturer.

HAIX footwear is the safe and secure choice for both work and leisure purposes and is also the best option for the sake of your health.

Have you been diagnosed with a foot malposition? The route to the orthopaedic inlay

65% of people aged between 19 and 34 are already suffering from irreparable malposition to the feet and from the resultant changes to their musculoskeletal system. The usual symptoms are inexplicable aches and pains to the back, head, knees or feet.

Certified HAIX shoes with an individual orthopaedic inlay soles are now also available. The special HAIX Certified Orthopaedic System (CO System) comprises a robust green foam material with a resistant cover featuring the modern HAIX Logo Design. It is authorised for all footwear that carry the CO System label.

Different wearer requirements taken into account – ultimate comfort of wear

Orthopaedics differentiates between two levels of EVA hardness and is therefore able to address the needs of wearers individually. EVA blanks with a hardness of approximately 40° shore A are used for safety and professional footwear which is subject to a lesser degree of strain, whilst EVA blanks with a hardness of approximately 50° shore A are deployed when higher levels of stress are involved, such as in cases where fire fighters are carrying equipment. The open-celled PUR foam used ensures total comfort of wear.

Suitable for all manufacturing processes

EVA material is compatible with all production procedures. A modern HAIX Logo Design cover also provides a smart optical highlight and thus delivers a more contemporary look.

Despite having being adapted, certified safety and professional footwear retains full conformity with the relevant standards.