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Foot Health

Fussgesundheit A human being’s entire weight is supported by their two feet. The 49 individual bones and small joints form the highly complex and distinct make-up of the foot. The wrong footwear puts additional excessive strain on the feet and can often lead to a situation where the bones and soft tissues are no longer able to carry the increased load. Leading on from this, orthopaedics incorporated into shoes should not be equated with diseased or misaligned foot anatomy. The starting point of the design process consists in the shoe designer basing the development of the shoe as closely as possible on the complex anatomy of the foot. The factors they take into account are what functions are required, the fit and of course – safety for the foot. The upper, sole, support systems and the materials used form an interactive whole. Thanks to our traditions going back many years we are able to draw on this wealth of shoe-making skill. All of our lasts have been developed in line with anatomical and orthopaedic parameters in collaboration with our clients and research institutes. They have a decisive impact on how the finished shoe fits later on and lasts vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Wearing HAIX shoes guards against the risk of misalignment of the feet – and the joints and bones benefit, too.

Diagnosis: Misalignment of the foot How to get your orthopedic insole

65% of people aged between 19 and 34 in our society already suffer from irreparable misalignment of the foot. This results in pains in the back, head, knee or foot of unknown origin. Together with the Springer company, HAIX has developed an orthopaedic insole system (COMFORT.AS) to correct existing foot misalignments. Despite this adaptation our certified safety shoes are still fully compliant with the applicable standards.

By wearing HAIX footwear you’re doing your feet a favour!

  • Pressure relief and cushioning
  • Misalignment of the feet is prevented
  • Optimal foot support & muscle balance