European regulations are sometimes surprisingly lax. The individual parts of a shoe can be manufactured anywhere in the world. As long as they are then assembled in the European Union, the finished shoe is allowed to carry the “Made in Europe” label. That is the truth – but not the whole truth.

If, on the other hand, a HAIX shoe says “Made in Europe”, you can rest assured that it was manufactured 100% in Europe. Because “Made in Europe” is a promise of quality. To fulfil this, HAIX not only relies on high-quality materials. The best raw material is of no use if you do not know how to turn it into the best shoes. That’s why HAIX relies on qualified professionals who have the necessary expertise, experience and passion to make the best shoes in the world from first-class materials.

Shoemaking tradition from Europe

The shoemaking trade has a long tradition in Europe – going back long before Xaver Haimerl founded HAIX in 1948. The knowledge of shoemaking has been passed down from generation to generation for centuries. And HAIX is committed to keeping it that way in the future. Every year, the company trains young people to become shoemakers at its two production sites in Mainburg and Mala Subotica.

This way, HAIX not only preserves traditional craftsmanship and strengthens local communities: HAIX also takes a firm stand against the migration of shoe production to Asia and other non-European areas. With its commitment to shoes “Made in Europe”, HAIX ensures fair working conditions, brings valuable expertise back to Europe and revitalises the local shoemaking craft.

Following in HAIX footsteps

Please note that “craft” is used literally here: a HAIX firefighter boot requires over 150 work steps that are completed almost exclusively by hand. At HAIX, apprentices learn the necessary tools from the ground up – not just in production, but also in the service workshop, where HAIX shoes are adjusted and repaired.

By the way, shoemakers at HAIX not only enjoy first-class training and fair working conditions. The comprehensive training and further education programme makes them fit for promotion as well. After all, many of the HAIX developers also come directly from the shoemaking trade. They bring their expertise and hands-on mentality to the development of new, innovative shoe models.

Made in Europe