design by haix
more than just a cool look

HAIX shoes are not just safe and comfortable, they look good as well. The typical HAIX design is unmistakable, aesthetic, modern – and function-focused. Because at HAIX, design is never for its own sake; it always has a purpose. Through the harmonious combination of design, function and 100% Made in Europe high quality, the Bavarian company is setting new standards in the shoe industry.

HAIX shoes are made of innovative high-tech materials and are manufactured in state-of-the-art shoe factories in Europe. Yet even the latest technology cannot replace human creativity. That is located in the HAIX design department in Mainburg. There, the design experts meticulously work on the line layouts of new shoe styles until they meet all the requirements for safety and comfort – and look great to boot.

connexis safety

Interplay of craftsmanship, design and quality

From the first model to being market-ready, a HAIX shoe goes through many stages. In order to synchronise function and design perfectly, the development process is a close interaction between shoemakers, design experts and quality specialists. Only when they work in detail together can the shoe ultimately meet the high standards set by both testing institutions and customers.

A so-called specification sheet first defines what the new shoe must be able to do, its areas of use and technical requirements. The new shoe concept builds on this, with an appealing design by the designers. First, the designers start with simple hand drawings, from which the first prototypes are created. These are tested and revised until the shoe meets all the requirements. Only then are the first samples produced, until the final series production begins. This process can take several years.

Function with the recognition factor

A good example to illustrate the functional HAIX design is the HX element that adorns most HAIX shoes. The HX unmistakably stands for HAIX and ensures a high recognition factor – fans recognise the HAIX shoes from afar. However, the HX element not only has visual appeal but also a practical use. It is made of tensile and tear-resistant material that encompasses the midfoot area and transfers the pull of the laces – for more stability and an optimal fit.

The new CONNEXIS Go shoe is also a perfect synthesis of design and functionality. This shoe is not just a cool accessory thanks to its sporty look in many on-trend colours. Its special construction ensures full energy and more power you can feel. CONNEXIS technology stimulates the fasciae in the foot so that the wearer feels good for longer and can get through the day with more energy.

Made in Europe