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Made in Europe


We are committed to locating manufacturing in Germany and Europe. We have expanded our production facilities at our Mainburg headquarters up to the capacity limits. Despite our training initiative the manpower resources are limited here. We chose our second production site in Croatia because we were able to source staff here after the sports goods industry had migrated away to Asia.

HAIX does (still) produce a small part of its product range (<3%) in Asia. This is because there are no more production facilities available in Europe where the sole technologies for the BLACK EAGLE can be processed. So it is an necessary stopping point on the learning journey which has the aim of bringing production back to Europe. We are working hard on this and have achieved some success. The new line of HAIX products, BLACK EAGLE SAFETY, a comfortable, casual shoe incorporating safety shoe technology is produced exclusively in Europe, using the sole production knowhow brought back from Asia.

And that is just the beginning. The entire BLACK EAGLE line will be produced in Europe as soon as the expansion of our plant in Croatia is completed (during 2016).

The new expansion project in Croatia till end of 2015

  • Area: 15,200 m² (10,500 m² production & staff facilities + 4,700 m² warehouse space)
  • An increase in the production volume from the current level of approx. 7,000 pairs / day to 10,000 pairs / day

Opening up opportunities for young people in Europe

A 50% youth unemployment rate in Southern Europe is not uncommon. We want to make sure young people have prospects and so we have overhauled the education and training programme together with schools and the authorities. Getting a sound education is the only way to create opportunities for the future.

  • The expansion of the plant in Croatia has led to the creation of more than 200 new jobs.
  • A further 250 employees are retiring over the next three years for age-related reasons. They also need to be replaced with well trained young talent.
  • A higher standard of production combined with the training initiative and jobs for young people builds a better future for us all!