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What are the key factors in developing a safe shoe?

Function, safety and comfort

What special demands does the shoe need to meet? Who is going to wear it? Where is it going to be deployed? “If you want to develop an optimum service shoe for use in the field you must never lose sight of these questions” says Andreas Himmelreich, HAIX’s head of development, who has been responsible for a whole host of innovations in the sphere of safety footwear:

  • Micro-Soft-Light system: the intermediate zone between the sole and the shoe is filled with a shock-absorbing foam encased in a rubber shell. This gives a dual effect – together with the rubber sole it protects the wearer against external fire and heat, while the foam layer ensures outstanding insulating performance characteristics on the inside.
  • Arch Support system: this supports the natural arch in the mid-foot area. The system ensures that the toes and balls of the feet have enough space. It’s an effective way of preventing misalignment of the feet and takes the strain off the entire musculoskeletal system. Even if you need to wear the shoes for a long time you will still be ready for action.
  • Sun-Reflect system: the special pigments directly incorporated into the leather mean that the shoes absorb up to 40% less solar radiation than conventional boots and thus prevent your feet from feeling hot.

This gives you just some idea of what our systems have to offer. Each one of our shoes is a perfect combination of function, safety and comfort.