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Production in Europe

HAIX carries on its manufacturing operations in Germany and Croatia, countries in which we are able to find highly qualified staff and the best quality of materials. These locations also enable us to realize our objective of putting far-ranging environmental protection measures into place. As a company, HAIX has set itself the goal of producing the best shoes in the world at all times. For many reasons, we have identified that Europe is the only place where such an aim can be achieved. We would like to present some of the arguments as to why this is the case.

Employees are a decisive factor

HAIX seeks to secure the services of highly skilled workers all over the world. To this end, we offer a comprehensive program of training and continuing training every year. Many of our staff have gained valuable experience abroad by working at our own branches in various countries. They also benefit from the unique working climate that only a family-owned company is able to provide. Employment practices are enshrined within a written code of conduct that provides the basis for fruitful and successful cooperation within a spirit of partnership. We have also been certified by the Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI).

Many of our employees began their careers as apprentices at the company. HAIX is well known for the excellent training it offers. Every year, we receive many applications from young people who are keen to secure a training place in Mainburg or at our location in Croatia. We stage annual HAIX Adventure Days in order to observe how potential applicants deal with a wide range of challenges and how they interact socially. Following this process, we are able to take on around 50 career entrants at both locations.

Leather quality - tested by HAIX

Leather makes up around 70% of a shoe and is the most important material used. We only use leather from Germany. The highest quality leather can only be sourced from animals that have been kept properly. This approach even makes it possible to obtain thicknesses of over 3 mm. Our leather is free of any substances which could pose a hazard to health, such as PCP and chromium compounds. It is hydrophobized in accordance with the DIN EN 345 Standard and is thus waterproof, easy to care for, and capable of being processed to the very highest standard. Short transportation routes allow us to minimize our energy costs.

We work with selected suppliers who have also committed themselves to the very highest production standards. These include Josef Heinen GmbH & Co. KG (“terracare”) and Viviani (“Natural Footprint”).

We insist on the highest quality standards with regard to materials. The same applies during the manufacturing process and when dealing with the finished product (e.g. the newest generation of machines, efficient transportation routes, ongoing process optimization). This enables us to extend the lifetime of our products. Resources are deployed efficiently in order to act in the best interests of the environment.

Top level production

HAIX boasts the most modern production facilities in Europe. Our manufacturing plants far exceed the statutory stipulations set out in the relevant standards and are certified in accordance with EN ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. We deploy innovative machines and have developed a method of sole manufacture that is unique in Europe. HAIX staff work in an environment that promotes satisfaction (noise, music, ceiling height/ventilation).

Our objective is to be a sustainable manufacturer

Our production locations, materials and business activities are all geared towards sustainability.

    • Making the very best use of materials and energy
    • Photovoltaic systems
    • Geothermal heat recovery and service water heating via excess heat from the compressor
    • Groundwater cooling
    • Minimization of waste
    • Clean substances
    • Cobbler’s shop to ensure long product lifetimes
    • Over-fulfillment of statutory stipulations thanks to state-of-the-art production plants

The test laboratory - indispensable in terms of securing the highest degree of quality

We have established one of the world’s most modern test laboratories in order to ensure a constantly high level of product quality.  Our aim is to exceed the minimum legal standards laid down by the greatest possible margin. This brings additional safety, more comfort, and greater quality. Ongoing quality monitoring procedures make sure that the same high level of quality is maintained during the manufacturing process. This ambitious objective is guaranteed via a multitude of test procedures.


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  • Inner liner testing: leakage analysis of lined shafts (booties)
  • Antistatic: electrical surface resistance
  • Water vapor: permeability of materials
  • Fatigue bending properties: for soles, joints and insoles
  • Pressure test:  for toe caps
  • Security against slipping: determination of anti-slip coefficients for shoes with outsoles
  • SUN-REFLECT test: of the light reflection of the upper leather using a spectrometer

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  • Water tightness: tested in a centrifuge (250 revolutions per minute), in a tub (8 hour static test) and in a walk simulator, dynamic test in water
  • Abrasion test (Martindale): for various upper materials, lining, inlay soles (wet and dry)
  • Tensile test: tear strength, tear propagation resistance, separating force of various surface materials, material bonds
  • Impact test (fall test): for toe cap
  • Flame tests: all materials

A symbiosis of design and function

HAIX design is functionally oriented. It is inimitable, aesthetic and modern, but never exists merely for its own sake. Our designs always pursue a purpose. For this reason, the company has its own in-house designers.

HAIX shoes do not simply look good. They also support the health and performance capability of their wearers. This harmonious link between design and function enables HAIX to set trends in the footwear industry and makes it a driver of innovation in Europe.


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