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HAIX Standards: Designation of safety

NFPA 1971-2018:

Standard on Protective Ensembles for Structural Fire Fighting and Proximity Fire Fighting, 2018 Edition

NFPA 1999-2018:

Standard on Protective Clothing for Emergency Medical Operations, 2018 Edition

NFPA 1992-2018:

Standard on Liquid Splash-Protective Ensembles and Clothing for Hazardous Materials Emeergencies, 2018 Edition

NFPA 1951-2013:

Standard on Protective Ensembles for Technical Rescue Incidents, 2013 Edition

NFPA 1977-2016:

Standard on Protective Clothing and Equipment for Wildland Fire Fighting, 2016 Edition


Standard for Protective Footwear 2014 Edition

ASTM F 2413-2011:

Standard Specification for Performance Requirements for Protective (Safety) Toe Cap Footwear, 2011 Edition

If the boot fullfills the requirements of NFPA 1971, 1951 or 1999, then the boots are automatically tested in accordance to ASTM F 2413-11