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HAIX Produkte

“As an innovative high-tech manufacturer of functional footwear HAIX meets the toughest demands in the global arena in terms of functionality, quality and design at the same time as offering outstanding value for money.”

What do the legendary New York Firefighters, the fire services in Mexico City, Hamburg, Moscow, and Cape Town have in common with the German GSG 9 Counter Terrorism & Special Operations Unit, armed forces in Europe, the United Arab Emirates and Afghanistan and with aid workers in international emergency response operations following earthquake or tsunami disasters? They all wear shoes produced by HAIX.

HAIX has a reputation as the world’s leading manufacturer of functional footwear for fire services, the police & armed forces, the forestry & hunting sectors, rescue services as well as workwear. Thanks to the myriad new products developed by the company and its patents the Bavaria-based global player sets the benchmark for others to follow in terms of functionality and innovation on a worldwide scale. The company founded in 1948 in the Bavarian town of Mainburg, north of Munich sets itself apart from its competitors with Its research based on what works in practice and its creative new product developments. HAIX has redefined the concept of footwear for professional use by drawing on its wealth of knowhow building on the skill of craftsmen and its high-tech production processes that have been honed to perfection.