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Waterproofing and breathability

Thanks to its long-term collaboration with the GORE corporation HAIX produces functional footwear offering optimal performance in terms of climate comfort and protective functions. Nearly all our shoes incorporate a highly wear-resistant GORE membrane, which keeps feet dry and comfortable at the same time as providing protection against the ingress of everyday chemicals.

With a water vapour resistance of Ret<8 m2Pa/W as per ISO 11092 the GORE-TEX Extended Comfort shoe lining provides one of the highest levels of breathabilityaround. On top of this, the materials used to make the footwear boast a breathability value which is six times higher than required by the standard.

  • Gore_TexOffering long-lasting waterproofing and breathability, GORE-TEX footwear keeps feet dry and creates optimal climate comfort. The core technology is the GORE-TEX membrane, with microscopic pores 20,000 smaller than water droplets and 700 times larger than water vapour molecules. Water can’t get in, whilst sweat in the form of water vapour can escape.

  • CrosstechIf the outcome of risk analysis means long-lasting protection against blood and bodily fluids is required CROSSTECH laminates are the perfect solution. They combine the properties of a breathable moisture barrier with durable protection against contact with bodily fluids. This is Ideal for fire, rescue and marine salvage services.

GORE-TEX und CROSSTECH footwear laminates comply with the current product safety standards such as Öko-Tex Standard 100. You can find more information about GORE in occupational safety and health applications here: